The Story

Wolfe Audio Production™ is the brain-child of ''Wolfe Audio™'', a part-time music producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Wolfe Audio™ has a strong interest in many music genres. His current projects revolve around EDM, Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop music.

Wolfe Audio™ grew up with a busy schedule. As a youth, his mother added music instruction in the recorder, piano, violin, and saxophone to his everyday life. Music performances either occurred on Saturdays or weekday evenings. Private violin lessons in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco helped to create a deeper understanding of music. Practicing with the Suzuki Method of learning music helped Wolfe Audio™ maintain proficiency in a complicated instrument. 

During his adult years, Wolfe Audio™ developed a passion for the artistic side of life. Music composition became a dream career. In his off-time, Wolfe Audio™ dabbled in electronic music production. He assisted one producer from Florida in professional home recording and music promotion. The producer's music ended up being played on several local radio stations. 

During the past decade, he spent several years studing music at a local art university. The art university helped deepened his knowledge and fine-tune his music production skills.

Currently, Wolfe Audio™ is focused on music production and creating original music. His plan is to create music year-round. Wolfe Audio™ is available for hire by contacting him through this site.